Petronate, a dynamic Network Consultancy offering services within the upstream industry and trading business.

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On the basis of worldwide assignments and services, I have put together a team of experts and leads with whom I have worked, trust and personally know to tackle tasks as a group and solve them successfully.

As the Managing Director, I am responsible for maintaining the corporate interests which were established in 2011. Being a reservoir engineer by profession and performing RE services in person the company is represented by a network of independent engineers and associates with G&G experts each having in excess of 20 years of broad experience throughout the E&P business.

As a well-established team of confidants we are able to provide individual or integrated services to complement local multi-disciplinary teams. Our network offers a unique choice of services supplemented by training programs. Utilizing clients in-house or optional home based software grants best rates without having an interest in selling software or equipment.

Our uniqueness is achieved through partnerships and collaborations, depending on task scope and requirements, amended by selective partner investments managed by Petronate.