Experience Map

  • Thomas brought broad upstream knowledge and expertise into the country to identify and mitigate reservoir and production issues and increased oil production by 24% within the first two months. The corporate board appreciated his guidance and deep insights about rich gas-condensate fluids in Carbonate reservoirs to optimize development strategies. He made significant contributions to the corporate framework and planning not just by the introduction of Reservoir Management and Well Surveillance Plans. Leading by example his excellent managerial skills and upstream knowledge grants top performance and timely technical evaluations tailored to all relevant business decisions. In addition he dealt firm, but with the necessary thoughtfulness and respect towards the Basra Oil Company (BOC) and related authorities.
  • Thomas made significant contributions to the framework, execution and review of reservoir engineering evaluation at DONG Energy. He brought broad and deep knowledge to projects ranging from frontier exploration to brownfield redevelopment. In addition, to his technical strengths, Thomas is an active and effective integrator and collaborator.
    Chris Reaves
    Senior Manager @ DONG Energy
  • Petronate has provided expert reservoir engineering advice on: 1. The use of relative permeability rock curves in low permeability chalk reservoir simulation 2. The use of log data in geologic and reservoir simulation models 3. Dual porosity and dual permeability modelling and impact on reservoir and well performance in fissured (naturally fractured) petroleum reservoirs I recommend Thomas as a sound reservoir engineer who can optimise the NPV profit value of prospect and producing petroleum fields.
    Bablo Daramola
    RE Consultant
  • Acting as Chief Reservoir Engineer, Thomas successfully performed and supervised RE tasks in-house OMV Tunisia. He supported the national (ETAP) & local (TPS) operators to their full satisfaction and was a well-respected colleague and advisor. He made significant contributions to the framework during daily operations & work-overs being the driving link between departments and facilitator towards Vienna headquarter. Thomas worked independent while supporting the team to full extend and kept cool with great advice, care and support even during the Arabic spring. Excellent work Thomas! Thank you so much!!
    Jost Püttmann
    Reservoir Manager @ OMV Tunisia
  • Whilst working at PetroSA, I had the pleasure of working with Thomas where I provided information to him and his team, including report to him when our direct manager was on leave. His knowledge and experience provided me with a lot of information and also contributed to broadening my knowledge and experience. He has a natural ability to explain complex concepts. He was one of the very few managers that I looked up to, and learnt a great deal from. He was always consistent in his behaviour; including displaying a high EQ. He is one of the few I know who embodies the key components of a good manager.
    Erica Southey
    Technical & Project Coordinator @ PetroSA