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Reservoir Engineering &

Reservoir Characterization
Logging/coring, XPT/MDT, RCA & SCAL, rel. permeability’s & capillary pressures, facies analysis, G&G modelling

Fluid Characterization
Fluid sampling, PVT analysis, black-oil & EOS modelling

Analytical & Numerical Reservoir Simulation
Single/dual and geothermal modelling & simulation, full-field studies, IOR/EOR/EGR

Well Reservoir Engineering
DST & well test design & supervision, transient pressure & rate analysis, stimulation design

Well Planning & Optimization
3D model utilization to optimize well locations & investigate uncertainties

Field Reservoir Engineering
Reservoir monitoring & development, reservoir & well management, exploration assessment & prospect generation, data room evaluation & business development, peer assist & review, expert witness, inter-discipline coordination

Coaching & Mentoring

Production Engineering & Technology

Production Engineering
Well performance optimization, productivity index & nodal analysis, multiphase flow modelling & well flow assurance, production chemistry, well damage mitigation & stimulation design

Production Technology
Completion & perforation selection, tubing selection & stress analysis, artificial lift selection & design, well intervention & integrity investigation, operations support

Integrated Production Management
Field development feasibility & concept selection, well performance review & surveillance, cost & well planning, production risks & opportunity management

Surface Network Modelling
Pipeline networks, tie to subsurface, integrated network simulation & optimization

Asset & Project Management
Data room, acquisition/disposition, multiphase boosting, data management & workflows, inter-disciplinary business approach

Coaching & Mentoring


Focusing on Petroleum Engineering with all its diverse tasks Petronate collaborates with geoscientists to perform integrated projects on customers request.

However, Static Modeling remains as core competency due to its direct interface and work loop to reservoir modeling & dynamic simulation.

Geology, GeoMechanics and Geo- & Petrophysics are offered within the framework of Associated Services .

You are welcome to ask for further assistance.

G & G

Geological Services
  • Surface and subsurface mapping, structure, isopach, net pay and isochore
  • Reservoir volumetrics and uncertainty analysis
  • Reservoir characterization & Stochastic reservoir modelling
  • Equity determination & exploration assessment
  • Core description, wireline facies identification and reservoir zonation
  • Stratal unit and flow unit identification
  • Clastic and carbonate petrography with emphasis on diagenesis history
  • Clastic and carbonate petrography with emphasis on diagenesis history
  • Geostatistical analysis of reservoir facies and properties
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Geophysical Services
  • 2D, 3D, and 4D studies
  • Reservoir characteristics
  • Basin evaluations
  • Direct hydrocarbon indicators
  • Depth-migrated data attribute analysis
  • Vertical seismic profile (VSP) analysis
  • Seismic inversion
  • Coaching & Mentoring


  • Reservoir Characterization – lithology, porosity, fluid types & saturations, water saturation, permeability modeling, saturation height functions, free water level, compartmentalisation
  • Mud gas, shows, core & well log integration
  • Well log & core data quality control
  • Well data acquisition planning, “real time” monitoring and evaluation
  • Post well log data management
  • Exploration, appraisal & field studies
  • Pseudo log generation from other logs to assist Geophysics & Geomechanics
  • Farm in support & Peer Reviews
  • Coaching & Mentoring


  • Cap rock integrity
  • Determination of key rock mechanics and hydraulic properties
  • Green field stress tensor modeling
  • Hydraulic fracture extension analysis
  • Induced seismicity potential analysis & subsidence prediction
  • Prediction of location & orientation of conductive/ sealing fractures & faults
  • THM numerical simulation (fully coupled) of reservoir performance
  • Wellbore stability and mud window determination