pre-Khuff Prospectivity of Saudi Arabia & Qatar

The Project “Pre-Khuff Prospectivity of Saudi Arabia and Qatar” started in the year 2007 with the evaluation of mainly 2D seismic on a Charisma workstation in the area onshore Saudi Arabia in the Eastern Rub Al Khali desert.

Later the study was extended over entire onshore and offshore Qatar including the North Field. Old 2D and modern 3D seismic was interpreted on Petrel and Kingdom work stations. Challenging and sensitive time-depth conversions have been applied due to low-relief structures and near-surface irregularities i.e. reefs. Restoration of salt movements and structural growth was used to create depositional models, amplitude extractions and other seismic attributes were applied for the delineation of prospective areas. Time-, depth-, thickness-, and prospectivity-maps for >10 of the most important seismic markers were generated over an area of more than 20,000 sqkm in Qatar and 40,000 sqkm in Saudi Arabia including a “dry hole analysis” on failures and drilling proposals. The entire duration of the project was nearly five years, three major oil companies were involved.

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